Who are we?

Why should you listen & why should you talk to us

We understand digital & how best to approach it with a tight budget

Our team has worked with businesses of all sizes and we kept seeing a common problem. Digital has gotten so advanced, many no longer understand how best to approach it with a budget.

Our online tools are incredibly powerful and as a business you can achieve so much but it’s also very easy to spend money in the wrong places.

Swift Launch is here to help small to medium sized companies get started online. We are passionate digital & we have built products / packages to get you growing online on a budget.

we’re in for the long term

Swift Launch works alongside a sister company named Redder. Our aim is to get your started online and help you grow your business, once you have outgrown our products & services we will refer you to the experts at Redder who will advise you on your next steps.

You are in good hands

Our team are very experienced and is full of passionate people who really want to help our clients.

Maddie Malling, Director & CEO of Swift Launch is also the Marketing & Business Development Manager at Redder. She has a real passion for helping businesses realise their potential and helping them reach the next level. She & Redder work very closely together to make Swift Launch possible.

Andy Bishop, Co-Director of SwiftLaunch is also Co-Director of Redder. He is a very talented designer & programmer who loves to help businesses expand. Being a Director at Redder for over 15 years, Andy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Tech & Business Manager of SwiftLaunch Redder, our wonderful sister company. Here to help Swift Launch keep all their products affordable and running efficiently. The experts at Redder make sure our services & products are available at prices small – medium businesses can afford.

Our team are always happy to help, so please don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The Team

Maddie Malling-May

Director & CEO

Andy Bishop



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